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About us

“If everyone looks at their own footprint and contributes a small part to a healthy, fair world, we will be in a very different place in a few years.”

I am Marsha, the proud mother of Sam (14) and Abel (10), my wonderful kids. I like to see the world through a playful lens, with an open mind and creative ideas. I like to think outside the box and am always ready for adventure. Frustration about the unfairness in the world gave rise to my desire to create a fantastic, sustainable brand that only uses fair and sustainable products. That was my dream when I started Play at Slaep.

In 2017, my exciting search for the perfect basis for my slow fashion label Play at Slaep began. My adventure started in enchanting India and then took me to colorful Portugal and Turkey. Ultimately I found great studios to work with. We share the same values ​​and together we now create our unique, sustainable items from pure fabrics. No chemicals, only fairly made and GOTS certified. My ultimate wish is to produce completely waste-free, so that we only make what we really need. So far we have almost succeeded, we even recycle luxury fabrics from other brands to pack our heavens in stylish bags.

Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf/Free School play materials, I want my products to have versatile uses. Our oversized swaddling clothes are not only perfect for wrapping your baby in, but also great building material for a fort. With our beautiful fabrics you can let children's imaginations run wild. In this way we encourage open-ended play and endless fun!

In addition to my passion for sustainability and fashion, I love music, unique design and beautiful architecture. And of course I don't eat animals, that suits my lifestyle. Oh, and let's not forget the dancing! Whether I'm at home, walking on the street or on the train, I can always enjoy a dance. It drives my daughter crazy sometimes, but secretly she also finds it funny. My tip for you? Always keep playing a little! In any case, that makes me very happy!