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Durable, practical, safe and beautiful; Play at Slaep stands for honest products for parents, babies and children. From playing ('Play') to sleeping ('Slaep'). Play at Slaep unites the best of both worlds in fair-made interior products for children's rooms, living rooms and more.

Love & Respect for our Planet

Play at Slaep wants to normalize sustainability. And we are not only talking about the use of sustainable materials, but also the sustainable processing of these materials. Our aim? Making the entire chain sustainable. Each line within the production process of products at Play at Slaep has a sustainability contract. It contains rules about materials, fair wages, working hours and safety. People, animals and the environment therefore remain healthy! This responsible and personal approach means that the different product batches can differ from each other. And we just like that, it's human work!

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The label Play at Slaep has a sister, called Slaep with Me. This sister label revolves around inspiring collaborations between various artists. This creates special designs for cheerful prints and sustainable wallpaper for the nursery and children's room.

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