Orders are usually shipped worldwide within 1-3 business days.
We celebrate 🎄 holidays until January 5!

Orders are usually shipped worldwide within 1-3 business days. We celebrate 🎄 holidays until January 5!

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Play at Slaep


Play at Slaep offers honest products that harmoniously combine sustainability, practicality, safety and aesthetics. From playful 'Play' moments to soothing 'Slaep' times, our fairmade interior products shine in children's rooms, living spaces and more. Designed for parents, caregivers and style lovers, they are the perfect addition to a diverse audience.

Shop the look

Shop the look


Discover our sustainable wallpaper at Play at Slaep, suitable for all ages and spaces. The wallpaper was designed in collaboration with talented artists and stimulates the imagination with various colors and prints.

Onesies and fitted sheets

Discover our latest additions: luxurious fitted sheets, suitable for both children and adults, and cute onesies for the little ones made from the softest, organic fabrics. Make a statement in style and comfort and join the movement of conscious consumption.


Create the most beautiful sleeping environment with our bed canopy, made from beautiful, heavy quality organic cotton. Important for the feeling of security and safety, it contributes to a quiet night full of Slaep. Also perfect for a playroom, where the canopy provides a cozy corner for quiet play and reading with your little ones.

Moon pillows

Discover our versatile and durable cushions, perfect for any space in various colors and sizes. Our moony pillows are suitable for children's and baby rooms, but also for pregnancy support, nutrition or just for cozy cuddling.

XL Cloths / Swaddles

Our soft cloths made from high-quality organic muslin cotton are versatile. Whether as a swaddle blanket, scarf, beach dress or even as a sheet in the crib, these generously sized cloths always come in handy. Create shade over the stroller, build a tent or give your little superhero a cape. The possibilities are endless!

Postcards and Calendars

From our sister Slaep with Me, because everything is more fun together! Printed on high quality sustainable paper.

Play at Slaep

Good for people

animal and environment

Play at Slaep wants to normalize sustainability. And we are not only talking about the use of sustainable materials, but also the sustainable processing of these materials. Our aim? Making the entire chain sustainable. Every line within the production process of products at Play at Slaep has a sustainability contract. This contains rules about materials, fair wages, working hours and safety. People, animals and the environment remain healthy! This responsible and personal approach means that the different product batches can differ from each other. And we just like that, it's human work!