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Moon pillows

Not only are our large moon pillows aesthetically pleasing, they are also extremely functional and versatile. They are ideal for sleeping with if you suffer from pelvic complaints during pregnancy. In addition, they provide perfect support when feeding your baby as a nursing pillow. Moreover, these moon cushions add a touch of style to your interior. Fancy a different choice? Covers for these manes are available separately so you can also change them. Easy peasy!

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Moon pillows

Bring the magic of the moon into your home with our moon pillows. At Play at Slaep we stand for sustainability and beautiful, versatile products that you can use in all kinds of ways and for a longer period of time. This also applies to our moon pillows. They are very suitable as maternity, nursing and pelvic floor pillows and are also a nice addition to you baby- or children's room. But they are certainly not just for children: they also look great on the sofa in your living room.

Our moon pillows are durable and versatile

At Play at Slaep we believe sustainability is important. Our moon cushions are made to last, are easy to maintain and clean and contribute to a greener world for the future. We not only strive to use green materials, but also to process them in an environmentally friendly way. The production process of our moon pillows is covered by a strict sustainability contract. This contains rules about materials, fair wages, working hours and safety. We want to ensure that every moon pillow we produce is not only loved by you and your children, but is also good for our planet.

Each moon pillow is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail. We made them to cuddle and love, but also to play around with.

Our moon pillows are safe and hypoallergenic

At Play at Slaep, the safety of people and the environment comes first. Our moon pillows are made from hypoallergenic materials and are free from harmful chemicals. This way you can lie on the couch without any worries and you can let your little ones cuddle with their moon-shaped friends with peace of mind.

Our moon cushions are available in two sizes and 7 beautiful colors

Our moon cushions are available in 7 beautiful colors, so you can choose what suits you best baby-,children's room or living room. From soft pastel shades and neutral colors to bright, striking colors. If you want, you can go all out! You can of course also combine the colors with each other. Our moon pillows are available in two sizes: we have them in a large and a small version.

Our moon cushions are multifunctional

Our moon pillows are not only beautiful to look at but also versatile in use. You can use them in the baby room, where they act as the ideal cuddly friend for your little one, a soft place to lie on, or even as a pregnancy and pelvic floor pillow . Moreover, they are perfect as a support during feeding.

Moon pillows for during and after your pregnancy

Our moon pillows are ideal during and after your pregnancy. During pregnancy they provide comfort and support for your growing belly. They can also serve as pelvic floor pillows to relieve discomfort. After pregnancy, moon pillows are useful when feeding your baby, as they promote correct posture and help you relax.

Moon cushions for the baby room

For the little ones, our moon pillows offer comfort, security and cuddliness, and can even help soothe those crying hours. The soft and friendly design invites you to cuddle and that is possible, because they are 100% hypoallergenic. Furthermore, their beautiful design also makes them a very nice addition to your baby room.

Moon cushions for the nursery

Our moon pillows are perfect not only for babies, but also for older children. They invite children to creative adventures and can even serve as soft, comfortable play cushions. They fit seamlessly into different interior styles and give your children's room a playful and cheerful effect. Whether you like modern minimalism or a Pippi longstocking style, these moon cushions will complete the nursery.

Our moon pillows in brief

At Play at Slaep we stand for sustainability and beautiful products that fit into your daily life in all kinds of ways. Our moon pillows are handmade with love and attention to detail, are safe and hypoallergenic, available in a variety of beautiful colors, and versatile in their use. Whether you place them in the baby's room, children's room, or on the couch in your living room, they look great everywhere.