Slaep with Me's wallpaper designs are created in collab with talented artists from around the globe. Our inspiration stems from the Slow-Lifestyle collection of our sister-label, Play at Slaep. Owner Marsha is thrilled to connect with individuals from all walks of life, making this dream a reality. 

Using wallpaper in interior design can be a great way to add style, texture, and personality to any space. With the wide range of colors and patterns available, there's sure to be a wallpaper that fits your personal taste and design vision.

Our wallpaper is versatile, suitable for any age and room. Small kids? Dancing around while drinking coffee or a glass of wine? You have no reason not to! You will have a playful home knowing it's easily cleaned with a damp cloth, making it perfect for high-traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms. With a simple paste-the-wall technique, you'll find applying the non-woven wallpaper onto your wall a breeze. 

Our wallpaper is locally produced and FSC certified, meaning it's made from wood and paper sourced from responsibly managed forests that prioritize environmental and social considerations. This certification ensures that forests are managed in a way that maintains biodiversity, protects wildlife habitats, and respects the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities. You can be confident that you're making an environmentally responsible choice.

Have fun picking out your choice of Slaep with Me wallpaper! Need help? Just ask and we're here for you!