Let me tell you..


something about our journey. From the start in 2017 I only wanted to start with honest fabric and not only that, also the packaging should be biodegradable and harmless for the planet.  It was a true march. Some suppliers never heard of someone that stood still by this particular thing. A big thing in my opinion! They even said it was 'funny' but I never caved. From that moment on Play at Slaep works only with pure fabrics which are non-chemical dyed and fairmade, GOTS certified. Besides this, our fabrics are softwoven (extra soft and strong for years of use) and produced in low bulks. I, Marsha, owner and designer of this amazing brand, intend to waste zero. It is my goal to only produce what we need in every way we can. We keep on learning about this process and since Play at Slaep is a Slowfashion label we keep on doing that. I'm never done, we're never done. Let us join the Slowfashion movement together..


Thank you for keeping us close,